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Choosing the right Log Home

that fits your family's needs 

and your desires!


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Are you looking for a single story home or something with a loft,

or a full two story mountain home?

Look through our selection of models then

click on the links for ideas on finishes.

We offer many options such as , Peak dormers, covered porches,

entry ways, feature window walls,

log railing and more. 

All the options that are shown below on this Eagle River model.


Design & customize your log home
Select a model and design & customize your log home and select
floor plans for main level and loft.
Then customize your option package
with our Interactive-Log Home Designer program,
sent to you when you contact us!



Starting here with this Cozy single story cabin;

The Heartland  model at 725sqft. Log home floor plans shown on a basement.

  • The floor plan is for a 25'x 29' Log Cabin. One and two bedroom plans.

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The Homested model floorplans 841sqft.

  • The Log Cabin shown here is on a basement.
  • Your Log home floor plan for a 29'x 29' cabin. 
  • One and two bedroom floor plans available.
  • http://wclh.com/pdfs_new/Homestead_plansheet.pdf Click on this link!
  • Note the plan sheet is showing all options available added to this rendering.

The Riverwood model Log Home is 1160sqft.

  • Shown here on a with entryway.
  • The Log home floor plan for your 29'x 40' footprint.
  • Has two and three bedroom floorplans. 
  • http://wclh.com/pdfs_new/Riverwood_plansheet.pdf   Click on this link!
  • Note the plan sheet is showing all options available added to this rendering.


Sundance  log siding,Utah log homes,Nevada log homes,log home builders ut. 

Riverwood Lofted model with attached garage.


Sundance attached garage, log homes calif,log home builders utah, utah log homes.

For detailed floor plans on any models,

contact us on the link below.

We will send you our latest updated

E-Broshure With pricing and floor plans.



Our Interactive-Log Home Designer program,

Will also be sent to you when you contact us!
With this tool you can choose a model and add options and features like the dormers and porches.
Then you can add to your log home.
You can also change different color and material options available.
And see it all in real time.


The Sundance Model, Log Home Floor Plans for your 1276sqft.

  • These floor plan have two and three bedrooms available.
  • This is  a 29' x 44' log home footprint.
  • View floorplans click on this links! 
  • http://wclh.com/pdfs_new/SundanceLofted_plansheet_v2.pdf
  • Shown in photo below with the entry way porch system
  • Note the plan sheet is showing all options available added to this rendering.



With the Craftsman style True Guard siding

You live with a low maintenance long life exterior.

See color selections at this link!


Shown below with the window feature wall, Peak dormers &

 A Front door entry way.

Timber and Trueguard siding




The Fox Hollow Log Home Floor Plans are for a 1289sqft.

Shown here with a prow roof top and Peak dormers.

  • This is a 29' x29' foot print has a 1/2 loft, shown here with a
  • basement garage under front deck.
  • Shown below on a basement garage with peak dormers and prow roof line and a front deck.
  • California Log Homes, Fox Hollow,log homes utah,log home builders, timberlakes, park city log homes


The Willow Creek model footprint is 1624sqft.

Your Log Home Floor Plan for a 29'x 40'W/16x29' master suite wing extention.

This is a single story structure or lofted model.



Note the plan sheet is showing all options available added to this rendering.



The Aspin Grove 2088sqft.

  • This Log Home Floor Plans for a 29'x 40',W/(2)16x29' wings.
  • This is a single level structure shown here over a basement.
  • Available in two, three and four bedroom floorplans.
  • This one was built with the Trmber style post & beam and plank siding.
  • http://wclh.com/pdfs_new/AspenGroveLofted_plansheet.pdf
  • Note the plan sheet is showing all options available added to this rendering.



The Big Horn, Our most popular Log Home model has 1712sqft.

Shown here with a garage basement .

Click on link to view photos & floor plans!


This floor plan is for Two and three bedrooms, at 29'x 40'foot print.

  • The loft above half of the main structure, accessed by a timber starcase. 
  • A front porch and 16x 29 attached garage shown above with a 40' shed dormer.
  • The optional wrap around porch, front entry system and gable dormers are shown below.
  • A classic dream log home! 



The Eagle River

 Shown here below with the Feature door wall, porch, Front entry option, and two Peak dormers.


 The Eagle River model Log Home has 2176sqft.


  •  This log home floor plans,for a 29'x 40' footprint W/loft & 16x29' wing.
  • A master bedroom or kitchen on the single level wing.
  • A lofted floor above the wing is available.
  • The prow is a popular front wall option.


For detailed floor plans on any model, contact us on the link below.

We will send you our latest updated e-Broshure With pricing &  floor plans.


Please mention any specific model you prefer.

The Timber frame look, available for all.


The Grizzly model log home model.

  • This has a 29'x 40'core section with the loft & (2) 16x29', single level wings.
  • Two Master suites, and 3 and 4 bed floorplans available.




The Elk Ridge lofted Model, Log Home Floorplans 3394sqft.

  •  This Log foot print plan is 29'x 40',W/loft & 29x29'lofted wing.
  • available in single story wing or two story plans.
  • plans developed for garage or living space in wing.



Note Garage


The Caribou model at 3017sqft. with single story wings or 4321sqft with the lofted wings,

have lots room for 4 & 5 bedrooms and lots of living room space, and nice kitchen area,

Available for 2 car garage floor plan, with many porch and dormer options available.




The Bear Lake Model, Log Home Floorplans for 4032sqft is a single wing of 40'.


  •  The Log home has a 29'x 40',W/ 1/2 loft and vaulted great room.
  • Plus a & 29'x 40'wing, fully lofted second floor.
  • Three, four and five bedroom floor plans.
  • This one has the 2) 12' shed dormers and a front gable extention.



The Moose Hollow Model at 3394 sqft with single story wings.

Floorplans for 5076sqft. with the lofted wings.

offers lots of room for custom floor plan design, included.


  •  The log home floor plans is for a 29' x 40',W/loft & (2) 29 x 29' wings.
  • They are lofted or available in single story wings.

The Buffalo Run, Log Home Floor Plans, 5714sqft.

  • This Log home has a 29'x 40',W/ half loft and vulted greatroom.
  •  A 29'x29'wing and, (1) 29'x 40' wings also lofted or single story.


The Kodiak Model, Log Home Floorplans, 6352sqft.

  • Log home floor plans available for a 29'x 40',main core structure W/loft
  • (2) 29x40'wings, ether single story or lofted.


These are the basic Log Home models with many optional plans available. For Example;

The Grizzly Expanded, with a two car garage

29'x29' Garage with 10' tall walls.


Front Entry System 40' porch and Gable dormers as shown on this Big Horn.

Shown here is our half log siding, for an insulated log home!

Extended 12' covered gable end system for covered decks like on this

Eagle River Log Home Plan.

The extended roof is great for weather protection & west facing views,

shelding afternoon sunlight.

This two story wing at 16'x 29' shown on the left hand side of this,

Eagle River Lofted Model creating 2640sqft.


Another option is Square style timber siding with square post and beams.

  • Prowled eves and Balconies, like on this Kodiak.

We also offer the full window wall as shown on this Moose Hollow, Log Home model, and peak dormers.

We also offer shed dormers that can really open up the top floor!

Truckee California snow fall
Shen Dormers come in sizes from 12', to 40'. The 14' Shown here!

We have timber trusses that set on the purlin timbers, inside the greatroom as an option.   


We also have a verity of exterior siding options to choose from.

1/2 Log or timber with chinked joints or lapped siding.

Hand planed or re,sawn surface. 

Also the Trueguard Craftsmen style exteriors with low maintenance and long life!



We also build resort town home complexes and log home style

communities and Lodges, for really large gatherings!

The Wall Street Journal had this to say about custom home business

Contact us: Link http://www.grizzlylogbuilders.com/Contact_Us_about_Log_Homes/page_669321.html

Norm Clover, Log Home Dealer

530 386 6225

435 654 8025

Design & customize your log home
Select a model and design & customize your log home and select floor plans for main level and loft.
Customize your option package with our Interactive-Log Home Designer program.
 Sent to you when you contact us!




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