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Here is how we build your

Whisper Creek Log Home


System built, log and timber homes can be assembled with percission for a fast dried in shell.


Building High Quality home packages to order.




With beautiful, timber and log components.

The building process made fast and easy.



With our system built homes,

the assembly process happens in days!  

One completly finished exterior wall at a time!

Months of high quality work completely assembled 

on site in days! 

Our homes have the appearance of a traditional log,

and timber product but without the inherent shortfalls

such as shifting, cracking, checking and shrinking which

can cause drafts and heat loss.


We provide timber & log homes that are quick

to build and provides long lasting, trouble-free stately,

beauty for years of enjoyment. 

Step 1) Our Manufacture Rep. helps you, the Home Buyer,

Developer or Contractor select and customize the models,

and floor plans that best suite your needs.

We provide all inhouse engineering and design for the

lower 48 states we are ICC certified !

2) The orders come into the manufacturing plant and

materials lists and cut tickets are produced, lumber and

materials cut and set on template tables for percission



3) 7/16 wall sheathing is nailed according to engineers specs

for each wall and can be inspected and certified. Then the house wrap

is applyed to the walls for full moisture berrier. Next

Pella windows are set and flashed into the openings and trimed out with

 4"x6" rough sawn timber.

4) Each custom built wall is then sided with your choice of 

12"timber plank lap joint, or  the 8" & 10" hand hewn log siding.

Fastened to the studs through the sheer wall with 3" screws.

5) Next all exterior timber and log walls are stained with

two coats or Perma chink stain in our heat controled indoor

stain room.

Then chinking is applyed into all the joints 

4) While on the other side or the manufacturing plant all

structural log & timber components are cut and stained

to match the walls.

All custom bracket and fasteners are packed and invintoried

for each complete structure to be shipped. All logs, purlins,

stairs & railings are individully wrapped for protection.

5) Each structure is loaded on to the delivery trucks

and shipped to your construction location.



A Complete photo tour of the manufacturing plant is available

if you,contact us @ 


A tour of the plant is available by appointment.

Come see our building process for yourself!

  • Are you planning to build out a development ? 
  • Do you want several homes finished with a log or timber look?
  • We can help to custom build your entire development and clubhouse etc! 


Throughout the home building and log home industry, our unique home assembly 

process stands alone.  


We provide structural handcrafted timber & log home kits that can be
assembled quickly. 
Our pre cut components are carefully inspected with precision and
consistent quality.
Our pre-built timber, log home kits save time & money compared with
other methods of building such as framing or stacked log home construction. 
This prebuilt delivery system will provide you a home with quality craftsmenship. 
Construction time is reduced using our quality structural log & timber products,
all components delivered clean and wraped.

  • We provide floorplans and engineering in all 50 states in as little as two weeks.

    Our manifacturing plant is California HCD and ICC certified as required

    for pre built and inspected framed wall, sided components.

    This makes building inspections go easy on the framed package.

    We are the only log home company that has been fire tested in accordance

    with the new Urban wildfire SFM code standards, and approved for California.


 The Eagle River model shown below completed!


This is an example of the Eagle River model, floor plan.

To view all of our models and floorplans, click on the link below!


The assembly process below shows how easy your log home can be built

with our panelized wall sections.

This is how the average log home kit goes up when using our panelized log home kit.

  • We begin the log home assembly process after the foundation has been poured.
  • The sub floor has been built by your contractor according to the engineered plans. 

    Day one begins with the delivery.

    In just over three hours,

 We begin by lifting each of your pre assembled panelized log walls
off of the truck using the crane.                                                                                   

Each wall is set on the finished subfloor, the walls labeled for their

location of placment.


  • Each wall is plumbed and braced into its final position and lifted only once.
  • The bottom plates are lag bolted down to the rim board at 16" O.C. with 6" bolts.
  • all of the main level walls of this log home kit have been assembled in place

    Next we lower the pre built corner logs into position.



These corner connections become the strength and tie the walls together. 

Impact wrenches are used to drive the lag bolts easily.

Having set all of the exterior log walls usually ends the assembly

process for the first day.

The rest of the day is spent off loading the second truck

of all the log components.

The pre fabricated log home components are inventoried as they are off loaded,

by a represenative of Whisper Creek Developers.

  • To inventory the delivery of your log home and see that all materials have arrived.
  • Oversee that the walls go up and consult the builder on the assembly process.
  • Shown below is after 10 days of framing assembly .

  • Whisper Creek Log Homes

  • For Developers we can produce our homes

as quickly as you can assembly them!


We have developed this Pre Fabricated California Certified FBH wall building system.

Hud certified and built in our ICC certified construction ficility.

For further information on pre built log homes, contact Norm Clover.

Regional California Log Home Dealer/ Developer, Building Consultant 530 386 6225

Contact Link



I love log homes!

Norm Clover


A unique alternative concept in the home building industry. 




Over 40% of today’s homes use factory-built components. "Systems-engineered"

panels mean structurally engineered homes built with regulated quality control.

Our "panelized" packages include, pre-built exterior wall panels, pre-cut roof system,

plus complete "panelized" assembly plans... with pre-numbered wall panels for quick, easy installation.


"This adds quality to the home-building process,” says Lynn Gastineau of the National Association of Home Builders.

For a E-Broshure with models and plans, contact us!



Grizzly Log Builders

530 386 6225

435 654 8025







Coming Events

This Summer's, The Log Home Raising will be going on at Davis Lake near the town of Portola California, in Plumas county!

A Eagle River Lofted a 2640sqft, model will be set in late June to Early July.

Assembly time is expected to take place in a period of 10 days! 

For more information call NormClover at 530 386 6225.

There are currently no Events.
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