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Panelized Log Homes Advantage, Panelized log home kit

Thinking about building a log home?

THe Big  Horn is one of our most popular models at 1712sqft.

We offer a lot of advantages working with our pre cut panelized Timber packages and log home kits.

As log home dealers and licensed Contractors building in California, Nevada & Utah for 20 plus years, we know how important it is to build a high quality home, quickly with excellent craftsmanship, using only quality materials. 

Our pre built log home system can help to build a custom timber craft or log home in less time and for less cost than than building a true stacked log home or custom home!

Lets look at the delivery process first.

Our homes arrive as panelized system built walls ready to be set on the subfloor on the day of delivery!

The advantages are a fast assembly with precision and quality! 

No Settling
Our framed wall sections, unique fastening systems, and center-beam log or timber construction eliminate settling. A stacked log home can settle as much as 6". This settling must be constantly monitored and adjusted during the initial several years after construction otherwise windows may break and doors may not open or close.

Less Cracking
Our full length logs are carefully selected to contain less than 19% moisture content - the most significant cause of cracking and warping.

Sealed Tight From the Elements
High quality chinking between the hand planed log siding, conventional R21 insulation, behind sheer walls and vapor barrier insure no air infiltration and pre set Pella windows, insure that only invited guests make it into your temperature-controlled log home.

We employ highly skilled craftsmen at extremely reasonable labor rates. Our homes are not subjected to softwood lumber tariffs like out of Canada.

Abundant Supply of Environmentally Friendly Raw Materials
We are proud to construct our log exteriors from “dead stand” trees. These damaged forest areas have perished due to fire, or by other natural causes. We are assisting in the clean up of many areas and are pleased to “recycle” some of nature's most “prized possessions”.

Quality is carefully monitored evry step of the way at our two state of the art indoor heated assembly plants.

Less onsite waste   

With all of the Pre Built components and pre cut timbers there is little onsite debre.

Fast and easy to get the subcontractors in!     

The assembly goes fast and so the plumber, HVAC and electrical contractors can get their trades finished much quicker, using all standerd trades and crafts.

Other log home kits arrive ready to be stacked after they are off loaded on your building site.

This pile of logs may cost less initially, however by the time they are carried onto the subfloor and stacked by hand, screwed together then cleaned, sanded, stained and chinked, the windows set and so on, your onsite labor cost and time will eat your budget! 

You can expect to pay 12% to 20% more by the time this type of construction is truely finished!

With so many log home companies to choose from, it is confusing to know which log home company to trust or choose.

We are the only panelized log home production company with a solid track record! Google, Whisper Creek Log Homes, or Grizzly log builders do your research!

About building costs, ask your electrican, your plumber, your lender or your insurance agent about extra costs associated with stacked real log homes!  $$$

How about your utility bill, how insulated is a log home? Cracks and gaps in real log homes can cause air infiltration and provide lower heat retention and higher energy bills.

Our homes can be insulated with an  R-21+ value in the walls and R-41 value in the cielings, meeting and exceeding the California title 24-heating calk, & UBC standards.

Now which way do you want to see your log home delivered?

Our panelized log home kits, are framed with standard 2x6 studs. The structures are designed for California's high Sierra snow, loads wind and earthquake zones.

We are a certified ICC/ FBH component building facility. This is very important for California building requirements.


Pre built or system built log homes are so easy to assemble, like a contractors dream! When we set the structure in this picture below, the panelized walls were all set the on the first day!

This photo is after just two days labor with a crew of six men and they were ready to set the ridge beams next!

How many home building systems can say "TWO DAYS" of Assembly and show this kind of progress?

This is where the time advantage is for our pre built log home kits.  They can set up in a matter of days!

"This assembly takes place after, the foundation is poured and the sub floor has been framed"! 

Our pre built log homes


have the full length handcrafted rustic log siding in random 8" & 10"round log or 11.5" flat, Appalachian style re-sawn timber. We also offerArmor Shell Class "A" fire rated siding with the same log and timber structural packages.


The exterior log siding is attached with hidden 3.25"screwed onto a pre built 2x6 panelized wall, then it is stained and chinked. 

The upper floor is supported with 12" logs or 10"x10"timbers, while the king posts are 12" logs or 10" square timbers. All steel brackets are included for fast assembly.   

The cost, to build a weather tight shell including the panelized log home kit and assembly after the subfloor in complete, for one of our log homes will run between $100 to $140/sq ft. in California.  This cost includes estimated excavation, foundation, sub floor.

The underfloor plumbing, and rough heating are additional subcontractors.

These figures will vary depending upon the model you choose, your subcontractors and your assembly crew labor costs and location.


Panelized or system built log home kits add up to savings of time and labor costs.

For more information about our models and log homes, contact us at: 





Tendencies for full round log homes to settle & shrink, can cause air infiltration and provide lower heat retention and higher energy bills.

These dis-advantages are all eliminated with our system built, log homes.  



 We Build Dreams, one home at a time!


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Real stacked Log Home dis-Advantages


As Log-Home Interest Grows, So Do Gripes!

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