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Building your Log Home-Grizzly Log Builders

Is building a log home your family's dream?

Let Whisper Creek Developers Inc. help you through the process.  

We are committed to help build your family's dreams.

Examples of our log homes can be seen around Lake Tahoe and the California sierra.

This 4400sqft model shown below was built as a spec. home By "Whisper Creek Developers Inc."  and was sold before we had time to finish the interior.

  Here is how our process can work for you!

 Lets start your building process, first by selecting a model of home that fits your family's needs.  You can view all of our models on the link below!


Lets determine the number of bedrooms and bath's you want. What is the budget you have to work with, and how many square feet of living space would you like.

Once this has all been determined you are ready to sign a purchase agreement contract with your California Log Home Dealer,  Norm Clover.  

Phone 530 386 6225 or contact your log home dealers @


Your initial plans are drawn and engineered as required for your location, this is part of our package price and will take about two or three weeks. 

Bid sets of your plans can then be sent out to local contractors. You will want to get a firm price on phases of construction from excavation, foundation, assembly to all interior finish costs for building your log home. 

Contractor bids will determine your costs of construction and your loan amount required. Your now ready to submit your plans to your county building department for a permit.

We are ready to begin building your log home.

Building your log home with our structural system built components is fast and exciting. We delivered to your home site, all of the exterior walls that can be set on the first day.

Packages include a large timber stair case, crafted hand rails, log post and beam interior supports, Pella windows, all necessary steel brackets for log connections as per the engineered plans are provided with our log home kits.






Our walls are designed for standard R-23 blown in insulation to be added, creating energy efficiency, while retaining the beauty of a handcrafted log home.

Our log homes compares with custom, on site stick framed home costs. This is less expense than you will find associated with full stacked round log homes that are finished and chinked. 

The engineering for our California log homes is provided for you making the process easy for obtaining a building permit. 



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Here are step by step photos of how we will build your log home with our pre built log home kits. The assembly process is from foundation to finish. This home build took place in Truckee / Lake Tahoe California.

To Contact us just click on this link: http://www.grizzlylogbuilders.com/Contact_Us_about_Log_Homes/page_669321.html

Building a Log Home Kit - Grizzly Log Builders

We starting with the foundation, built to the engineered spec's provide in the plans for your Log Home Kit.

Building the subfloor and sheeting it with 3/4" OSB. In the case of a crawl space, first we have the rough in with heating & plumbing subcontractors completed, then its insulated and covered.

We are now ready for the log home kit to arrive when the subfloor framing and sheetingare complete. We will schedule a date and your contractor will need to get the work finished in advanced of the delivery date.

 Your pre built log home kit arrives in the morning  and your ready for the log home assembly to began. The trucks deliver all of the pre built walls & pre cut logs, as a component package. The crane arrives as previously scheduled by the contractor.

Off loading of the log home begins. We hookup the first wall and swing it into place.

We set the first wall and brace it up plumb and check it with a level. We lag bolt the battom plate down to the rim joist in the subfloor.


Building your log home- Grizzly Log Builders

We continue setting all of the pre-built walls, we brace them up plumb and lag bolting them down as you go.

We set all remaining pre built exterior log home walls by early afternoon.

Connect the corner walls together with corner logs and lag bolt tight.

Set gable end walls lag bolt and brace them plumb, Day one ends.

Day 2, begin setting the gable king logs and and lag bolt walls together.

Set the center support logs and install all brackets.

Day 3, set the loft support beams and install the log hangers.

Now set all of the loft logs into there brackets.

Day 4, set all ridge beams on to post supports.

Set the purlin supports and logs through walls.

Set valleys on purlin logs.

Day 5, Start framing main rafters around dormer walls .

Day 6, set the rafters on sides of the dormer walls and sheet.

Day 7, set the 4 dormers onto sheeted sections of roof.

Bolt down side walls and frame dormer roof rafters.

Day 8 set the porch rafters on log girders.

Day nine, finish setting all of the rafters in valleys and framing roof.

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Day 10, the rafters are set and plywood is going on.

The roof is sheeted with 5/8"or 3/4"OSB. This assembly has taken 15 days w/ crew of 6 hard working well orgenized skilled carpenters.

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Now the house is ready for a roofing contractor, with the fasha's all installed 17 days after the delivery of this log home kit. Next we frame the interior partition walls and get the Plumber, Electrican and Heating subcontractors in.


The finished exterior shell is completed with soffits, fachia and roofing in just 40 days from excavation to foundation, subfloor to roof on! These time tables will very with conditions and subcontractor availability on every project. This is just an example of how building a log home can be done!

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Your finished log home can be ready just a few months later. We don't know of a faster assembly system for building a log home.

Are you ready to get started? For more information,

Contact: Norm Clover , California log home dealers 

Whisper Creek Developers Inc. 

530 386 6225

Email:  normclover@grizzlylogbuilders.com

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