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Interiors, Log Home floor plans - Grizzly Log Builders

Log home interiors, customized to your taste.

Your planning to build your own log home.   

Let us help you with your floor plans!

Below are photos to help you with some interior ideas. 

How do you want your Log Home get-away to look. 

You have a lot of choices to create your dreams.

  • How would you like your home interior to look?
  • Do you like a rustic finish or a more contemperary look.

Where are your views facing, do you want passive solar gain?

  • Where is the sun rising and setting which way is south?
  • Do you want to incorprate direct gain solar in your home?


  • Do you like round logs or square timbers as structural supports

        throughout the interior?

  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want?
  • Do you want an attached garage, or separate garage?

  • What do you want your new interior finishes to be like?
  • What kind of hardwood floors do you want to walk on!
  • How about the lighting?
  • We can supply hardwood floors and lighting fixtures!

We can help you with the interior floor plans, quality finishes

interior design concepts.  

First lets identify the model of home that will best fit your

familys needs!

With our log home models, floor plan designs and your interior

finish ideas we can build your dreams.

We can help you to make your log home dreams come true.

Custom Kitchens for the whole family to enjoy dinning together!


We can design for the way you want to live, tell us your vision. 

Opened floor plans that we can create to fit your living style.


Choose your counter tops, sinks and fixtures as well

as the lighting !

What do you want for countertops,granite,

bucher block or Concrete cast custom hard surface?

The Wall Street Journal had this to say about our custom home business,  The luxury log cabin;



Working with us, you decide how you want your home interior

is going to be finished.

We can provide you with the quality finishes you want!

We start with the right timber structure or structural log package.

All of our Log Home models have a verity of floor plans

to choose from.

When building out the interior you can customize the layout!

Make your home as unique as you are, its your life style,

live your dreams!

We just help you choose the right floor plan and options.


Selecting your flooring, tile, cabinets, fixtures and sinks is where

finishes can get costly.

Keeping track of your budget is very important in this area.

A very rustic log cabin look or be more refined in your own

personal taste and style.

Choosing the floor plan that fits your budget and style is

the and most important first step.

The interior finish is all up to you, we can offer lots of ideas.

You make the final selection on the model, the floor plan and

all interior finishes!


Lets get started with the process by choosing from our models

options and floor plans.

Then lets talk about the investment that you are planning to

devote to your project. 


We will develope and design your ideas into drawings. 

After your review we will engineer the blueprints for your properties location.

Please contact us at the link on the left.

Or Call 530 386 6225 to start the conversation!

For a E-Broshure with models and plans, contact us!










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