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 WhatWwwwwWfnngerogfneofnoenfoenfibvndWhat you want to know is how much will my home cost.

That is what we will try to help you to determine!


Riverwood lofted model


OK, lets first decide what it is that you are planning on building.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms, do you plan on having?

How large is the home you are envisioning in sqft.?

What kind of quality finishes are you planning for?

Does your home have an attached garage.

Does it have a loft ?


We can give you an estimate for the price of log home package!

Once you have selected a model and options that you desire.

we can go into a design contract based on your budget.


Until we have some initial plans drawn on paper it is hard to determine a final cost! 

The turn-key costs on your finished log home will require a more information from you, about interior finishes and floor plan layout.

The final cost can only be determined by putting your plans out to bid by some local contractors.




Lets first identify your ideas and get them on paper!


Typically your trun-key finished home investment can start as low as $185/sqft for a

Riverwood model or Aspen Grove model with moderate finishes and go to $225/ sqft.

and more for a upgraded interior log package trimmed out.

We have built high end custom projects can go to well over $300/ sqft.

We have log homes priced for every budget.


Whisper Creek, has three different value structures

for log home packages.

Depending on the investment you are making in your family's

log home get-away.

We have the Pure Country Series, log cabins for a less expensive 

investment with single level and lofted style like this Aspin Grove

model shown above.

Then, we have a whole series of beautiful mid range two story models

for a mid level of investment in a mountain home.

And finally, we have the high end log and timber homes,

models customized for a investment in your family's gathering place.

We can help guide you to some unbelievable options and style

that will make the most value for your investment.

How many times will you build your family's log home?

Let us help you get started off on the right foot!

 It really is best to talk with your log home dealer and describe,

what it is that you are planning to build.

We can better provide you with excellent service when we know

what the look and feel is that you invision for your timber or log home.


For floor plan ideas and Pricing on our Log Homes Call Norm,

your log home dealer @ 530 386 6225.

Included in our log home package price, is: 3 full sets of plans designed for you,

engineered and wet stamped for CA., NV., Utah, all 48 lower states.


Have you spoke to a lender?

To get pre qualified can help out the process for us all.




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