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Rocky Mountain Log Homes,

Rocky Mountain Log Homes

A Different Log Home BuilderA Different Log Home BuilderA Different Log Home Builder A Different Log Home Builder

Just as log homes are unique to ordinary homes,

Rocky Mountain Log Homes is unique to other log home builders.

We design and build log homes that reflect and enhance your taste,

comfort and lifestyle.


Our state-of-the-art Montana facility produces precision-milled logs

that result in precision-crafted homes to provide beautifully inspired living

for your family and generations to come.




Different Log Homes

Some log home builders will tell you that a log is a log is a log. We beg to differ.

At RMLH we pay attention to every detail that goes into our log homes.

From the quality of each log to the beauty and functionality of the finishing touches,

our log homes are as inviting as they are inspiring.


Each RMLH log is made from superior, dry-standing timber.

Logs that do not meet our standards do not make it into our inventory or into your home.



Different Log Home Plans

When choosing log home plans, Rocky Mountain Log Homes gives you an impressive

variety of design options that not only make a definitive architectural statement,

but also meet your

family’s own wants and needs.

When you choose a log home plan from Rocky Mountain Log Homes,

they’re not plans for just any log home.

They’re plans that allow your family to enjoy life to the fullest and give you the ability

to do more of what you love to do, for as long as you want to do it.



A Different Lifestyle – Yours

Each precision-crafted log in a Rocky Mountain Log Home reflects more than mere

natural beauty– it reflects your family’s special lifestyle and passion for

environmentally smart living.

A memorable moment is made every time you enter the relaxing, transformational

atmosphere of your Rocky Mountain Log Home.

After all, when you’re comfortable, your mind and body perform better.

And who couldn’t use more of that these days?

From our log home plans, to the quality of materials and the care and craftsmanship

that goes into each residence, we never forget that it’s not just any home,

it’s your log home.




A place where the natural beauty of the space you live in rivals the natural beauty of your surroundings.

A place where peaceful solitude and family legacy live together in perfect harmony.

A place where you can’t help but slow down, relax and get away to it all.


By choosing to live in a log home, you’re committing to a unique style of living,

but with all of the modern amenities of a traditional stick-built home.

From custom log work to the overall ambiance, log home living instantly creates

an atmosphere for rest and relaxation.



Contact us,

We look forward to the conversation.

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Rocky Mountain log homes

435 543 8025 in rocky mountain states,

530 386 6225 California and Nevada




The medium is not without elegance. Log sizes and cuts may be varied for effect.

Interiors can contrast with exteriors. Rustic easily complements contemporary.

Lift and light can exist inside of mass. Color, as always, accentuates mood and defines space.

The immense strength of the land, embodied in the logs, demands the softening

touch of imagination. As in nature, delicacy endows power with beauty.

There is much to choose from. Our floorplans, ranging widely in style and size,

are starting points only. A willingness to create the new, the unique, the unusual

– can take any of them in a hundred different directions.

But we are also ready to build the building that exists only in the mind’s eye

of the architect, or the fantasy of the client.



Lured by Natural Beauty

We all know the famous line “If you build it, they will come,” and at Rocky Mountain Log Homes

we believe that adage wholeheartedly. For centuries, people have been lured in by the

natural beauty and atmosphere exuded by log homes, so it stands to reason that the

beloved backdrop of logs would provide the perfect ambiance for any resort community.


Striking a Balance

A tribute to the great Western National Park lodges to Adirondack Great Camps of yesterday,

the resort communities built by Rocky Mountain Log Homes successfully create an environment

that’s both awe-inspiring and inviting – a challenging task to be sure. But it’s our extensive

experience in the industry, our deep understanding of log home enthusiasts and our

thoughtful planning approach that helps us strike that balance.

Thoughtful Planning Approach

Whether you are interested in building a full-log community or want to incorporate log structures

in the form of bridges, porticos, gazebos or simply rustic accents, such as log columns,

beams or outdoor areas, Rocky Mountain’s top-of-the-line materials can create it.

For more inspiration and design options for resort communities.


Regional Log Home Dealer/ Developer,

Building Consultants 530 386 6225

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