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Construction Management

Civil Engineering

Master Planning

3D Scanning


Construction Consulting

Architectural designing


During the Programming Phase, we can help reach sound decisions in such areas as:

  • Establishing the overall project feasibility and goals;
  • Working with the architects, engineers, contractors, designers, and material handling experts to establish the project requirements;
  • Evaluating floor plans and preliminary layouts;
  • Working with you and your staff to ensure efficiencies and improvements are incorporated into the design;
  • Evaluating preliminary budgets and schedules received from the contractor;
  • Assisting the design team to develop schematic and preliminary plans; and
  • Recommending contracting and project delivery methods that will best achieve the project goals.

During the Design Phase, we provide assistance with the design team to:

  • Help improve the layout and design while meeting the project goals, budget and program requirements including sustainability goals;
  • Evaluate budgets and provide value engineering ideas to maximize the return on the construction investment;
  • Coordinate the design of owner provided furniture, fixtures, and equipment with construction plans to assure the finished project meets the business needs;
  • Coordinate the work between the project design team and the material handling design engineers
  • Develop a detailed design schedule and monitor its timely implementation;
  • Review the design in progress to assure constructability with minimal changes and fewer problems in the field;
  • Evaluate the development of the construction documents to ensure specifications and quality levels are in line with the contract documents;
  • Coordinate with all interested parties, department heads, managers and staff as requested to assure the appropriate implementation of building functions, project requirements, and company needs are fully addressed in the plans;
  • Clarify bid documents, interpret plans and specifications, and answer questions; and
  • Prepare and evaluate industry standard form contracts.


During the Construction Phase, we are typically asked to:

  • Work with the contractors, LHV Subcontractors and suppliers to help them understand the designs, plans, specifications, and project requirements;
  • As changes or unforeseen conditions arise, document the changes, offer alternative solutions, fairly evaluate extra costs, work with the contractors to keep costs down, and ensure that the contracted work is completed at the contracted price, while minimizing delays;
  • Monitor the construction process to anticipate difficulties, resolve issues early, and keep the work progressing;
  • Meet regularly with the design and construction teams to coordinate issues, track schedule, resolve problems, and answer questions;
  • Verify adherence to specifications and quality standards;
  • Perform on site inspections and document the progress of work completed;
  • Coordinate the design, procurement, and installation of the owner provided furniture, fixtures, equipment, décor and signs.
  • Administer progress payments to assure that work has been completed, milestones are met, and expenses are paid in a timely manner; and
  • Provide site inspections to meet the requirements of the construction lender.


During the Project Closeout, Punch List, and Move-in Phase, we are available as needed to:

  • Inspect the project, prepare punch lists, and track the timely completion of the punch list;
  • Coordinate with contractors and subcontractors to ensure as-built drawings and operating and maintenance manuals are accurate, complete, and submitted in a timely manner;
  • Work with other project consultants, staff and contractors on the installation and startup of specialized equipment and systems;
  • Assist accounting in preparing cost segregation studies, cost allocations, and maintenance budgets;
  • Assure maintenance staff and appropriate personnel are trained in the proper use, function, and maintenance requirements for the various building systems and equipment;
  • Assist the owner in the planning and implementation of a move-in plan; and
  • Schedule warranty work with the contractors during the warranty periods.

In order to achieve the project goals, and as part of this agreement, you will be expected to:

  • Provide full information regarding requirements for the projects, including its goals and objectives, budget, schedule restraints, finishes, financing, and long term facility plans;
  • Work with WCD, the architects, contractors, designers, and engineers in order resolve problems, make timely decisions, and keep the work moving forward in a timely manner;
  • Attend periodic coordination meetings;
  • Designate a representative authorized to act on behalf of you with respect to these projects;
  • Provide prompt notice to the WCD if they become aware of any fault or defect in the project, or nonconformance with the contract documents, or project goals; and
  • Put no financial responsibility whatsoever on WCD for any costs, change orders, deficiencies, designs, delays, errors, omissions, or claims, financial or otherwise.


Norm Clover 435 654 8025

P.O. Box 682254 Park City, Ut. 84068 


LEED Accredited Professional Associates

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