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Welcome to Whisper Creek Log Homes  

Regional Dealer,

Whisper Creek Developers.

Award winning panelized homes.

We offer our customers quality craftsman style and log home packages.

We offer log homes and panelized home packages in a wide range of price.


Grizzly model with applachian siding.


So many homes have been lost in the recent fires. Including my Folks home at 248 Sylvia Dr. Glen Ellen, ca, 95442.

We will be Rebuilding next spring and intend to have Mom moved back in to her new home by Thanksgiving 2018.


We are sorry for every ones loss and understand the issues of rebuilding. Debre removal, insurance companies, and all of the new 2016 codes that must be met. 


Whisper Creek is offering all fire victims a 10% discount on all home packages and custom projects !

We can possibly use your old plans as a starting point .


We are designing and building Moms house with a modern design ,a rough draft of design is below.




We are going to be facing south for passive solar gain.


We also offer Log and Timber products.

When your are ready to start the design process with us.

Our inhouse design team will help make the process easy.

If you can dream it, we can build it!

Choose a model 

Contact us,

Click timber product link below!



Designing and building "well insulated" craftsmen style, timber and log homes is our business.

 As well we represent sales for Rocky Mountain Log Homes.


With our panelized home building system you can save months of time and labor.

This will reduce the amount of on site waste disposal.

Here is a link below showing our fast assembly process, view link.

Whisper Creek’s Building Demonstration



We have extensive building experience, providing many building components.

Structural log and timber rafters & trusses for residential and commercial projects!



Are you looking for a pre-fab panelized home or a stacked log or timber style home.

We provide both types of structural packages and building materials. 


We have three styles of panelized wall exterior finishes:


View the Timber series color chart!
This product is a class "A" fire rated product!

We have been helping family's build their dreams, one log home at a time!

We offer hand crafted Timber Frame homes.

We can tailor your log home package to fit your needs. 



This is a Big Horn Models interior timber package seen above.

We supply everything from basic log cabin kits to the custom log homes.

Even timber lodges ready for your family to enjoy.

Custom design you log home.

Select a model and design & customize your log home and select floor plans for main floor and loft , customize your option package with our, Interactive-Log Home Designer program, sent to you when you contact us!
Stop Dreaming, and let us help you start planning & designing, your home.



For testimonials and Norm's bio click on this link.


As a rule of thumb our panelized home packages cost between $45sqft. and $85/sqft.

This includes all exterior finished walls, roof structure, windows, pre-stained & chinked. 


Adding the subfloor, foundation and the panelized home delivery and assembly labor, will cost an additional, $45/sqft to $75/sqft.


"This is an estimated cost for the dryed in shell" depending upon the plans, location, model and options.

A full turn-key job can start in the $160/sqft. range, for a pure country single story model.

This is typical in some states, excluding Calif.


Custom projects can start at $250/sqft and go up,

for custom kitchens with high quality amenities.

We build quality post and beam style homes,

like this Grizzly lofted model above with 12" log posts.

Below is our 10" square timber post and beam style and 12" face Appalachian siding.



 This foundation was started in September, and here is how it looks, just 3 months later!


We use re-sawn timbers as the structural components

to support on our craftsmen style timber homes.


Do you know that we build our homes using recovered forest products, as part of a sustainable Green Building solution.


And for our log homes constructed with 12"and logs, 

for the hand peeled log home look.

Our timber products are controlled from the timber harvest 

through our log and timber milling process all the way to the finished products.

Providing you with quality timber package, a log home kit !

With our unique building process we can assemble

your exterior walls and structural frame in a very short time.

 We like the fact that our log homes typically go up in a few days,

and are weather tight in just a few weeks later!

With a Whisper Creek Log Home package; 

We set all your pre built walls on the day of delivery!

 We have developed an energy efficient high quality building system

that has the look and feel of the old style stacked log home.  

Our structural packages can be assembled to dry-in phase in 5 to 20 days,

depending on the model and assembly supervision. 

To start the design process, we work with you to develop your plans utilizing one of our basic models combine with your ideas.

 We then add to the structure by selecting from our many options, like covered porches, dormers, and feature window walls. 

After the permit process is complete we will build your log home as per plans and provide you with the complete timber or log home kit. 


Here is how our progress looks after only the 2nd, 8 hour day, of assembly

on this Eagle River lofted 2640 sqft model.

We had already set all of the log and timber structure, as well as all of the

exterior finished walls with supervision by Grizzly Log Builders.

The 2640 sqft. Eagle River model, log home package is priced in the $190,000's for a

log home kit, complete with this front entry system and two peak dormers seen here.

 You probably want a well built insulated home Right! 

Our product its one of the best insulated building system on the market.

Building an energy efficient log home will pay off for you, year after year!

For pricing and financing go to the following link;


Contact us and we will help you get started choosing from our many log home models

and options to fit your family's needs! 

Call one of our knowledgeable log home dealers  

@ 530 386 6225 or click this link below!



With our consulting services and onsite assembly assistance, we will achieve quality results for you! 


  • Where do you want to build your family's log home? 
  • Do you want your home turn-key finished or just dryed in?
  • Is energy efficiency and high insulation value important?
  • We can achieve R-24 value walls and R-48 ceilings!
  • Are you ready to get the process going this year?
  • We can have your engineered plans ready in 20 to 30 days?

Have a look at photos of all many of our models, by just click on the links below!




We offer complete turn-key construction, using only licensed contractors.

Custom kitchens can really make your house! 



What most home buyers want to know is "WHAT IS MY HOME REALLY GOING TO COST?

If you would like us to estimate your model, package price for your home, contact us.


Choose a model;






As for the initial construction process, after just three day of assembly on this Eagle River model below.


We had set all of the walls, the ridge beams Complete with the rafter hangers installed.




And finally we set the valley timbers to end the 3rd day.

On the 4th & 5th days we will be setting the pre-cut roof rafters set into

the pre set rafter hangers.

This is how our roof framing system's go together!




Would you like these kind of results on your project?

You can by using our log home system built kits!

We would love to be building your Log Home. 

You will enjoy watching your state of the art,

log home packages being assembled on your property!



Structural packages come complete with all precut timbers, 12" loft floor

support logs, and all hardware & fasteners, roof and porch systems, 

Pella windows pre-set in place, water sealed to ICC code, along with a

timber stair case and hand crafted quality log railing and percision wood work.  



 Throughout the log home industry, our unique log home building system

and assembly process stands alone.  



  • We provide structural handcrafted log home kits that can be assembled quickly with precision and consistent quality.  
  • We have our in-house design team to help with plans and engineering for your building permit requirements.                    
  • Contractors and owner builders can quickly finish out our log home structural
  • shells can be assembled quickly with the local subcontractors.
  • Our pre-built log home kits save labor & time.
  • Our building cost is comparible with other custom home construction. 
  • This prebuilt system will providing you value and saving,
  •  with high quality and fast results. 


We are the first log home company that has been fire tested in accordance with the

new Urban wildfire SFM code standards, and approved for California.


Our contracting services are available in most areas.

Ask us about references for California and local South lake Tahoe,

Truckee, Portola and Reno NV. area's, Santa Rosa and Sonoma County, we have very satisfied clients.

As well in Nevada and Park City Utah.

Do you want to incorporate passive solar window walls for thermal gain,

and green building sustainable solutions into your new home?  

Review our green building, passive solar link below!



To view floor plan ideas, and models, just click on the links below!




 For the exterior window we only use Pella products with thermastar line as the standard and trim

all openings out with, roughsawn 4"x 6" timbers.

Pella Pro, Wood, Metal calded window upgrades are available.

We offer three exterior options seen below.

 Traditional 8" & 10" hand crafted Log,

12" face Timber and TruGuard siding

Our Log exterior is hand crafted.

Our rustic 12" Timber plank siding is re-sawn. 

TruGuard low maintainence siding in the Deep Tone collection can be integrated

with all of our craftsmen style timber & log homes. Click on link below!


 With Craftsman style True Guard

Armor shell siding
For low maintenance and long protection from the elements.
Exterior siding with a rustic appeal.
Product Info,
View the Timber series color chart!
This product is a class "A" fire rated product!


TruGuard seen here on a passive solar home style panelized building system.

Panelized building systems and passive solar homes, panelized building systems, dwell style smart living.


Contact us, we can help to make your building experience go smoothly.

In many cases getting folks into their new home in a year or less .





Norm Clover.

530 386 6225


California log cabin kits have many options to choose from.

For example adding peak dormers can open up the upper level floorplan really changing the look of your log home.


Above is shown with a front entry system 

Ask about our option to enhanse the look of your log home kit.

Our pre built log home kits arrive ready for fast assembly with the exterior

 walls pre-built, sided, stained and chinked with the window installed at the

manufacturing facility before being delivered.

That adds up to hundreds of man hours of workmenship already preformed

before your home is delivered! California labor costs being so high this makes

our log home kits affordable when compared with the costs associated with stacked hand scribes log homes.



The pre built panelized walls are designed to accept high R-value insulation

to be added, such as blown Fiberglass, or green foam blow into the 5-1/2"stud bays. 

Creating energy efficiency while retaining the beauty of handcrafted log home.

Fast assembly with our pre built walls, save time and money for the any

log home owner / builder.

Our panelized log home kits, will reduce costs with time and labor savings.


Building a full-stacked, square cedar timber is also a great way to go.


Yes full stacked log homes have come a long ways.

We have made a lot of improvements to our building system.

The pre built log home assembly process is so simple that any builder can do it! 

We sell log home packages as log home dealers and provide building development and

 contractor services for our clients independently from dealerships in California, Glen Ellen, Kenwood,Sonoma,Santa Rosa, Lake Tahoe, Roseville, San Francisco, region as well as  Nevada, Elko, Winnimucca, Ely and Reno NV.

Utah ,Park City, Kamas, Heber City, and nation wide.


We sell log home packages as log home dealers and  can provide building development and

 contractor services for our clients independently from dealerships in California, Glen Ellen, Kenwood, Sonoma, Santa Rosa, Lake Tahoe, Roseville, San Francisco, region as well as  Nevada, Elko, Winnimucca, Ely and Reno NV.

Utah ,Park City, Kamas, Heber City, and nation wide.

 Contact us by email at this link.



 Thank You

Norm Clover

Whisper creek Developers

530 386 6225

Regional sales and distribution.




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